The Burnaby WORDS Writing Project, provides K-12 students the opportunity to become published authors. The program inspires hundreds of students, in Burnaby, each year to submit pieces of work to be judged by a panel of judges.

The judges, who have a background in writing and communications, reviews the submissions and selects the best student writing in each category to feature in the district’s annual WORDS Anthology.

From stories of adventure, journeys of introspection, lighthearted poetry and verse that is deeply profound, the limited edition WORDS Anthology offers something for everyone.

The Burnaby WORDS Writing Project has nurtured and celebrated young writers in the Burnaby School District. The success and growth of the program is due to the dedication of the teachers who nurture the spirit of literacy and to the parents who encourage their children to write.

The Rotary Club of Burnaby is a proud sponsor of the Burnaby WORDS Writing Project.

Various years WORDS Anthology publications are available for download, for your enjoyment.
To learn more click on the following link:  School District 41