Posted by Azim Raghavji on Sep 15, 2011
The Club had the honor of hearing Dan Gallant about the work of the Rotary World Help Network.  The RWHN collects and fills containers with various supplies being decommissioned from offices, schools, hospitals, etc and is sent overseas to those who will benefit from it.  The Rotary Club of Burnaby is a member of the RWHN and many of our members regularly participate in the filling of containers.  The club is looking forward to sending 2 containers overseas this year.

There's a wealth of equipment and supplies no longer in use in British Columbia . These materials can be of great use to foreign countries in need of medical and educational supplies. Rotary volunteers throughout British Columbia gather, sort, repair, pack, inventory, and prepare the donated equipment and supplies for shipping. Acting as one central clearing-house makes the collection of usable materials donor-friendly. Basically, we act as a world-wide recycling depot.

The Rotary Club of Burnaby is a member of the Rotary World Help Network. 

For more information please check out the following link: RWHN